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REMEMBRANCE - Reconnect to your Divinity


Every single thing, living or unliving, vibrates a degree of divinity. As we can see from the nature, the beauty of perfection subtly submerge in every thing. Snowflakes, flowers, or even cells, express themselves in beautiful mandalas. So as our human beings, we are born to be perfect and beautiful. Only the illusions of fear and lack drive us away from our nature beauty.


In this session, we aim to reconnect to our divinity, to find back our true self. This experience varies from person to person, case to case. Some people might experience drastic change in their thought form, but some might gradually go through the transformation process.


Jerry is a experienced and exceptional healer. The messages he bring through is powerful and truthful, yet gentle. Jerry is equiped with many different tools and skills, to explain to you your current situation, to give you information/knowledge that you need to know, or to clear and align your vibration to the highest potential. The Spirit will decide what you would need, you may expect to receive the following:

- Shamanic journey to the lower, middle or upper world

- Channeling messages from Angels, or the Ascended Masters

- Messages from your loved ones

- Psychic reading with cards / crystals / sand

- Energy healing or attunements

- Prescriptions of healing remedies (Healing Orchids)

- Infused/attuned crystals or talisment

- Meditation or well-being exercise techniques


Abundance Exchange:

HKD 1050 / 60mins

HKD 1450 / 90mins


To book a private session with Jerry, please call Reflections on 2504 1333 or Whatsapp 6522 0200.

13/F Unit B Suen Yue Bldg 
48 Bonham Strand West
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong 
(MTR Exit A Wing Lok St, turn right, walk till you reach Cafe De Coral... cross street... Chong Hing Bank... Pak Shing Tong... this is Bonham Strand West, our office building is on the left hand side)上環文咸西街 48 号
信裕大厦 13 樓 B 室