Jerry’s Biography



​Jerry is a metaphysical teacher with natural clairvoyance and clairsentience. His ability reveals energies & vibrations in fractal grid lines and codes. He is able to perform healing through unifying and aligning our energy grids through toning, special hand gestures, and intuitive sketch.

Starting from 2005, Jerry provides psychic readings and spiritual development classes in different countries. Through the years he is well-trained through immense studies with different Masters, ​on Taoism, Buddhism, Energy healing, Angel & Crystal therapy, Shamanic Journeys, etc. He is now recognized and credited by his one-of-his-kind channeling sessions and classes, sharing his unique understanding to the Spirit world.

Fully utilizing all his techniques, Jerry’s consultation is truthful, insightful, yet gentle. He is an exceptional & life-changing healer, his sincerity and humility are well applauded.


His Transformation

Jerry is an indigo child, he had an unusual childhood. He suffered from asthma when he was young. Being over-protected by his parents, he was not allowed to play outside the house. He stayed at home nearly all the time. At his age of 7, he asked himself “what is life” and “why is he here”, seemingly he knew that he is not originate from the Earth. Without much suitable guidance and care, he was filled with negative and suicidal thoughts.

At his age of 17, he was seeking for a change. He joined a monthly meditation among a group of friends. He processed most of his resistance and blockages through few years of meditation practice. His main transformation took place when he joined the workshop on “Connecting to your Spiritual Guide” in 2007. He came to a realization that most of the inner voice of him is actually coming from his spiritual guide. Since then his spiritual abilities are reactivated, and able to communicate with the higher and lower realms.

Through out the years, he met many great teachers and friends all around the world. The one that he gave most credit to is Ms. Jennifer Lim, who guided him through a lot lessons and challenges with Goddess Kwan Yin.

Goddess Kwan Yin put Jerry into a year of accelerated learning, which described by Ms. Jennifer Lim that it took her 3 years to learn the same lessons. The “lessons” are not about any kind of knowledge, but truly the ability to master one’s emotion, to understand life, and to feel compassion from an elevated point of view. There was so much pain, despair, fear, anger through the lessons, but Kwan Yin is gracefully smiling at us all the time. Since she understands our struggle and she knows this is the only way for us to learn and getting through, she just keeps an eye on us and see how we are going to deal with the challenges. Jerry is well-trained and gained more strength, love and peace.


Some of the notable achievements that he had done through the years:

– Active participations in the Holistic fairs

– Earth grids, vortexes, portals maintenance and activation in a majority of Asian countries

– Developed “The Sun” healing modality

– Developed a collection of energy infused essential oil blends

– Developed spiritual well-being accessories & pendulum

– Settlement of Earth-bonded spirits, curses, black magic

– Connected clients to varies Ascended Masters

– Assisted clients to find back their Star Origin

– Private sessions for Muslims and channelled Master Muhammad






Jerry 是一位靛藍小孩,他有著不平凡的童年。他小時候受哮喘病的煎熬。因為體弱多病的原故,父母對他的監護相當嚴格,也不容許他外出玩耍或接觸其他同齡的孩童。他大部份的童年時間也是在家中渡過。在他7歲的那年,他的腦海裡浮出兩個問題,「生存是甚麼回事?」及「為什麼我會在這個世界?」,好像他內心感覺自己不是源自地球這個地方。但缺乏正確的引導及關愛,他的思想裡充滿了負面想法及自毀的念頭。


經過多年的工作及遊歷,他在世界各地認識了很多偉大的老師及伙伴們。其中一位他覺得是生命中最重要的老師及同伴,是Ms. Jennifer Lim林秀憶小姐,帶領他渡過了觀音菩薩的一連串考驗。




–          活躍於本地的靈性及身心靈展會

–          維護及啟動地球的能量脈動、能量源

–          始創 “The Sun” 太陽能量療癒

–          始創了一系列的充能植物精油

–          始創了靈性配飾及靈擺

–          處理了各類生靈、詛咒、黑魔術

–          協助客人與揚昇大師連接

–          協助客人尋回自己的星際始源

–          在私人諮詢中為一位回教徒連接上師Muhammad


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