Jerry has been teaching and mentoring students since 2005. Over 10 years, he gave insights and guided thousands of souls in different occasions. Everyone has so much potential, and the “healer within” is just waiting for us to re-activate. Some of the students got a really dedicated and compassionate heart to serve and help. They grew up independently as a powerful healer. The following are some like-minded students that Jerry had closely mentored.

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REIKARA – Illuminate Healer


“Clear your mind, see through the world full of darkness. 

Find the light within, treasure your very own future.”

Reikara is a natural clairvoyant, medium, psychic healer. She is raised in the outlying island of Hong Kong, having an extremely strong connection with our Mother Nature. Her ability allows her to channel through clear and precise vision and messages, and gives proper advices for your highest good in any situation. She is also trained in a Shamanic way, to energetically clear away clusters of negative thoughts, blockage and resistance. She acts as a Light-bringer in life, piercing through the dark moments and allow you to see a bright light on your road.

Reikara 是一位與身俱來的靈視力者、靈性治療者。她在香港的離島長大,與大自然及大地之母有著密不可分的聯繫。她的能力使她可感應到上天的訊息及影像,在任何的事件或處境當中,她也能給予上天指示最好的建議。她也受著薩滿式的訓練,可以清除我們的負面思緒、阻礙及執念。她的角色就像上人生路上的光,照耀著我們正藉陰暗的時間,協助我們找尋問題的出路。

Her Transformation 她的蛻變成長
Her mother described that she got an unusual childhood, while she danced, picked flowers and put them at specific locations. Seemingly she was performing “rituals” to bless the land unconsciously. She has a traditional and faithful​ family. Her mum and grandma followed many traditional Chinese Buddhism cultural rituals. Reikara’s psychic abilities are somehow inherited from her mother-line.

In the recent years, she came back to Hong Kong from the UK and under Divine guidance she met her life transforming teacher Jerry Santosh. Her teacher guided her through some of the darkest moments in life, and explained how she could work with her own abilities. Her abilities are then reactivated, and is now able to bridge the messages from the Divine to the trapped ones who is asking for a way out. She also feel guided to share her passion and gift to the world, also as her own ascension and transformation journey.


近年,她從英國回來香港,在機玄巧合之下遇到了她的啟蒙老師Jerry Santosh。老師把她從人生某些陰暗的角落引導出來,並指導她怎樣可以好好運用她的靈感能力。她的能力就此重新啟動,從而可以接受到上天給我們的訊息。因為有著這樣的能力,她也很熱衷希望能幫助別人,與大家分享上天給她的恩賜,也作為她自己靈性成長的一部份。

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Kevin Fung – Tarot Reader / Healer


Kevin is a gifted clair-sentience & clairvoyance. He is a well-trained Taoism sorcery practitioner from the traditional Liu Ren Lineage. Tarot card is one of his many tools in counselling and sharing the Divine wisdom. He believes that every one has its own abilities and character. All kinds of skills or religions are only ways to assist us seeing the truth in different situations. The most important thing is always our own cultivation and inner journeys.

Kevin 與生俱來有著超感知及靈視力的能力,他是一位道教六壬仙術的治療者。塔羅牌亦是他其中一種會面諮詢的工具,分享宇宙的智慧和訊息。他相信每一個人也有自己的能力與特質,所有的法門或信仰也只是幫助我們看清真實,最重要的還是個人的成長與修為。

His Transformation 他的蛻變成長

Kevin is drawn to the Traditional Chinese cultural religion and Taoism since he was a child. In his teenage, he went into immense study of Liu Ren Lineage of the traditional Taoism sorcery. The traditional Taoism training is more on expanding the magical power, spiritual concepts and cultivation are least of their concerns. Kevin once was ended up with doubts and fear and caught in depressive energies.

In a special occasion, Kevin met Jerry Santosh in a public occult event. Kevin feels that Jerry literally “saved” his life, liberated him from the one-sided and depressive thoughts. Jerry mentored Kevin for a year without cost . Financial matter should never be the obstacle for souls who are seeking for Light and wisdom. Together the New Age & Western spiritual concepts, Kevin is having new insights and understanding to his Taoism studies. His psychic abilities are now well-mastered.

Kevin offers Intuitive Tarot Readings, giving clarity and insights in any of your questions. For bookings and inquiry, please check out his Facebook page: Click Here


在機玄巧合之下,Kevin在一個神秘學聚會中遇到了Jerry Santosh。Kevin覺得Jerry真的是「救」了他一命,把他從負面及單一的思想中拯救出來。Jerry無償地指導了Kevin一年,因為金錢絕不應該成為靈魂尋找光及智慧的障礙。結合了新時代及西方的靈性概念,Kevin現在對自己認識的道學有新的想法及了解,同時也令他充份發揮應有的靈性能力。

Kevin提供直覺式塔羅導讀服務,為你的問題提供新的想法。如希望了解更加或預約,請參照他的Facebook Page: 按此


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