SKYPE Session 網路即時個案



Channeling / Clairvoyance online SKYPE phone session 

USD 120 for 60 mins session
(Reference currencies: RMB ¥800 / HK $930)

The session will be carried out through SKYPE phone (audio only). Please kindly use the booking system below for appointment, and select the correct duration you want. If you need any special arrangement, please kindly email us at Cancellation within 24 hours before the scheduled session time would not be entertained.

Terms and conditions, please read this before any bookings.

Please add Jerry’s SKYPE account prior to the session, screen name: cyyorx

***** Remarks: Check your timezone, we are in GMT+8 Hong Kong time.
For your information, the transaction will appear on your card statement as THEGRIDSUS.

靈感 / 靈視力 SKYPE 即時個案 

USD120 / 60 分鐘諮詢
(匯率參考: RMB ¥800 / HK $930)

這私人諮詢會透過網路電話 SKYPE (只有聲音)進行。請利用以下的系統預約,請選擇正確的諮詢時間長度。如你需要其他的特別安排或協助,請電郵至。已確認的預約時間只能在24小時前取消或更改預約時間。


請預先安裝及測試 SKYPE,並預早把 Jerry 加為好友,用戶名: cyyorx

*****備注:請留意你的當地時間,我們預設的系統時間為 GMT+8 香港時間。
在你的信用卡結單會顯示為 THEGRIDSUS 的帳單。

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