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Meeting Jerry Santosh in his latest event & public appearance:

12~13 Dec 2015 "Mystery of Light" Intensive Channeling Practicum in Reflections Hong Kong

16~22 Dec 2015 Visiting Lifeworks, Penang. Bookings in Hong Kong will be temporarily suspended until Jan 2016.

Jerry Santosh - The Visionary

Jerry is a natural clairvoyance and clairsentience. His ability reveals energies & vibrations in fractal grid lines and codes. He is able to perform healing through unifying and aligning our energy grids through toning, special hand gestures, and intuitive sketch.

Starting from 2005, Jerry provides psychic readings and spiritual development classes in different countries. Through the years he is well-trained through immense studies with different Masters, ​on Taoism, Buddhism, Energy healing, Angel & Crystal therapy, Shamanic Journeys, etc. He is now recognized and credited by his one-of-his-kind channeling sessions and classes, sharing his unique understanding to the Spirit world.

Fully utilizing all his techniques, Jerry’s consultation is truthful, insightful, yet gentle. He is an exceptional & life-changing healer, his sincerity and humility are well applauded.

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Services & Consultations

Jerry equipped with different kinds of skills and abilities. He provides private consultations to individuals, giving insights on all kinds of issues and questions. To list a few of the services he provides...

  • Clairvoyance session
  • Channeling
  • Oracle card readings
  • Sand divination
  • Crystal casting divination
  • Energy vibrational healing
  • Cellular activation & cleansing
  • Body light-grids rewiring & alignment

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