Rite of Passage


Rite of Passage

Rite of passage refers to the ritual that change one’s social status from one to another. The most celebrated “Rite of Passage” are baby shower, transition into adulthood, graduation, baptised, getting marry, or funeral at last.

In the spiritual perspective, “Rite of passege” means much more than only a status change. It is more about the advancement of mind state, the expansion of a consciousness, and transformation. A mentor of mine once mentioned, “every moment is an initation.” Initation in a way is a rite, a ritual of change and growth.

In my own experience, I kept a close attention to my own state of mind and emotions as I was yet to master and completely liberated. I face my own dark side and inner frustration, finding resolutions, letting go and my reality keep changing based on my consciousness. The most recent challenge of me is about the transition of “a boy into a man”.

In Hong Kong, parents cater and spoil children so much. Age does not reflect the state of mind of a person. Even in a body of 40s, people can still act like a child with so much stubbornness. I lived quite a different teenage life comparing with others. My friends always joke that by picking any tiny part of my life as a plot can make up a bestselling TV drama, and my life is like combined over 100 of crazy dramas together. Not to mention the details, but the experience made me into quite an independent person since young. I live alone, earn my living, taking care of myself since 17, and getting quite well on my career path. Everything seems fine on the surface. There is an uncontrollable internal urge that wanted to be taken care of, and hoping someone would be there for me. I can see the root of this resistance coming from my childhood, while my family did not offer the feeling of “protected” to me. Such resistance always set in especially when I get into relationship, and my partner everytime unexpectingly reflect my inner frustrations.

I closed my door and spent a year of time staying in my own place, my own circle. Only in this space of void and empty, I can see more clearly what is happening within myself.

I recently came to a realization of my growth and change, thanks to all my teachers and the practices. The transformation happens subtly and quietly. For now whenever I feel depressed, I did not call up or text my friends. I started to respect my own emotional cycle, what is empty would become full again, and I became I witness of my own Ascension process. 

And I come to a time that I truly understand that, being an adult is nothing about making money and earn a living for myself. It is about taking care of my own vibrations, my emotions, seek for my own resolution in life instead of having the thought to rely on anyone in life. This is the true meaning of being an “adult”, and a lot of people are yet to understand.

That’s why we see some of the primitive practices, that “Rite of Passage” involve a lot of pain and physical challenges (although not proven to be useful sometimes), such as hunting the lion for example. As mentioned at the beginning, every moment is an initation, is a rite of passage. The only thing that matter is do you grab every opportunity to understand yourself more, no matter the experience is a pleasant or unpleasant one.

So, what can inspire your growth today?


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