“Jerry is a nice, gentle, knowledgeable and sincere person. Apart from gaining the knowledge and skills, taking his classes can always allow me to understand myself more. Everytime after the classes, I was like filled with light and feeling very joyful.

Jerry also conduct channeling. Instead of telling me what to do, his understanding and encouragement gave me the deepest support when I was having bad times. He is just like an angel, not just to me, but surely to many others, too!”

Jessica recalled, her brother got a sand divination with Jerry in the Holistic Fair, saying that he will leave his job in a certain month. Her brother left his job exactly in that month afterwards. A prophecy fulfilled.

Jessica, Hong Kong

“Jerry is very inspiring. He is young, but he is one of my most respected spiritual teacher. It is time healers need to step out of the closet to perform healing. Add oil Jerry! Will follow you to continue discovering life and soul. Thank you!”

Chine, Hong Kong

“I had a channeling session with Jerry at the time when I was most troubled by some issues of my teenage son. I was so desperate that I had tried every means including counselor, Taoism reader, Chinese channeling, western spiritual practitioners etc. In a way, I was quite an experienced “client” in the mind body spirit area. Jerry impressed me a lot. He helped me to see things from other perspectives and I was amazed that he had the wisdom of Confucius. He was most helpful and consultation time seemed not of his concern. He answered all my questions and I was more grounded, relieved and inspired after the session. The messages that he channeled open my mind and I constantly reminded myself of the insights he gave me when I went through the whole turmoil. Honestly, I had not expected that much before the session.

Since then, I attended classes held by Jerry and I learnt channeling from him too. I knew that not everybody could be a great channeling agent. Jerry is definitely gifted to do it and what matters most is his true heart to serve and to help the mankind. Without hesitation, I would recommend him to anybody who are open-minded and in need of help.”

Joyce recalled, in one of the channeling session, Jerry said in his vision he saw Joyce holding a microphone, teaching or sharing in a seminar or class which is very much different from what she did in her job. A year later, Joyce came back with a photo that she is holding a seminar in her job. An exact vision and prophecy fulfilled.

Joyce, Hong Kong

“I had the Cosmic Sun Empowerment Session from you two weeks ago. Starting from stepping into the room for healing until now, my heart is lighter and I really feel the powerful energy within. This session not only rejuvenates my heart from resistance to spiritual growth, but also clears my blocks to abundance. It is because I have found my job in these two weeks! It is an amazing and thankful experience to me.

Two weeks ago, I was guided by Archangel Michael to do the energy healing session when asking about the issue of job searching and spiritual growth. I immediately thought of your name whom I accessed Reflection website a few months before. I followed my guidance to take this session. During the session, I felt the heated energy around my body. I was guided to meet Archangel Michael and my High Self in the mediation. This was a relaxed and grateful experience that I released the burden to them which had blocked me from moving forward. Jerry, you are a gifted healer. I really hope that your work can beneficial to more people.”

Priscilla, Hong Kong

“I have been using the energy code of yours which for connecting with the Sun’s energy from our private session, during the groomy weather in most of the last couple of weeks, to bring forth the vibrant energy from the Sun for my cat whom has not been well for a while, together with other tools I could use, and with regularly energy healing to revitalise his bodies.

I find the energy code has been in great assistant even just as an visual, and I know it carries more than just bright happy colours. I am very grateful to have received the code!!!”

Wynnie, Hong Kong

“It was a blessing the healing session I had with you, this Saturday. The energy you channel is very gentle and powerful at the same time. You are totally available to help, pure love in manifestation. I could feel this love healing the part of me that has the wound and, even now, when I feel the need I use the programmed crystal that you offered me at the end of the session. I am just sorry that I was not on a very good mood to “hear” the words of Master Jesus that you kindly channeled. He was not telling me what I want to hear. Now I would like to thank Him for that and you, also, for being so patient and kind.

Thank you for putting so much care. I really loved to see you and I am very, very proud of you. And grateful. I will definitely recommend my friends to see you in Hong Kong or see if you want to come to Macau.”

Aurora, Macau

“I came out of the Cosmic Suns Empowerment Session feeling absolutely Nurtured, Rejuvenated & Aligned with the Divine Sun Energy as well as with the illuminating Sun within my Heart. I appreciate Jerry being so loving, so balance and so in-tune with Divine Source throughout the healing process. Towards the end, my entire being was surrounded by a Golden Cocoon of Light & merged into Oneness with Source. It is pure-pure JOY of BEING & Self Remembrance beyond any words can describe. The “Cosmic Suns Empowerment” is “Right-on” for all of us on Earth NOW. Thank you Jerry for your Divinity & “launching” such gift so alive directly toward the Inner Sun of my Heart. Namaste.”

Phoebe, Hong Kong

“I had a channeling session with you on tuesday, and also attended the meditation that same evening. I guess I have been interested in learning more about the masters lately and wait and see where right teachings appear. I definately resonate with Maha Chohan… if he wouldnt be the main guide for me, or at least very important one, I would be surprised. But I will attempt to get the connection with him now myself and see what comes up. Sometimes I sense energies but am really in the beginning with this. I think your advice for me about meditating in stillness is right, I need to turn in more than ask for help from outside now. It is so easy to slip to the road of -do-it f-for-me please.

I like your way to teach *I show you the tools and you do it yourself’ -which of course is not easy but it in the end it is the only way to mastery…..”

Virpi, Malaysia

“Thank you for your beautiful healing session today. I got some great insights on my pressing issues and I am feeling more optimistic now.”

Jasmine, Hong Kong

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