The Art of Manifestation – Spiritual Tea Party


Dear friends,

As some of you may already notice, I would be relocating to Shanghai in mid-August 2016. This is the “finale” of my spiritual appearance in Hong Kong for some time. Instead of having a merely farewell party, as a practitioner, I would like to bring a little bit more meaning to the event.

In this mini “workshop x party”, I would like to share with you some practical tips on manifestation – to create your own reality and dream. “The universe is mental.” We want to fly, we try, we fail, we fail again, and now we have aeroplane. We want to talk and communicate, we try, we fail, we fail again and again, and now we have cellphones and internet. Any big dream is starting from a single spark, and the successors are those who stay on the question long enough.

We will try to experience the power of mind through popular psychic “party tricks” – telepathy & psychometry.  I will also share about the story of transformation – the butterfly. Lastly and most importantly, the letting go process is one of the essential part of the manifestation story. We often forgot about what we dreamed for when we are young. When we look back into our lives, we realize the universe has always answered our call even we already forgot about it!

Nothing really heavy and tough, this is a meant to be a sharing session and happy time! Some drinks and snacks will be provided.

2:00-4:00p.m. would be the workshop time. Welcome to stay behind for gathering and fun! I sincerely invite you to my very last event, and look forward to seeing you there.

RSVP whatsapp me on 6522 0200.

7.8.2016 (Sun) 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Venue: Infinity Workshop Cafe
5/f Dundas Square, 43 Dundas Street, Mongkok
Exchange: HKD 200



在這「迷你工作坊 x 派對」,我想跟大家分享一些實用的「以意創造」的技巧,去創造你的現實及夢想。




我們會嘗試透過靈性的「派對玩意」去體驗思想的力量 – 心靈感應及物件感應。我亦會透過蝴蝶的生態介紹「帨變」的故事。最後,並且最重要及必需的,是「放下」的過程。很多時候,我們都會忘記兒時所期待過的事情。現在回想,或許上天已經作出了回應,而我們卻已經忘記及沒有發現已經達到呢!


2:00~4:00 會是課堂時間,歡迎大家留下來繼續傾談!我誠意邀請你來臨我最後的活動,希望當天能見到大家!

報名請聯絡我 whatsapp 6522 0200.

7.8.2016 (Sun) 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
地點: Infinity Workshop Cafe
5/f Dundas Square, 43 Dundas Street, Mongkok
費用: HKD 200

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