Transition of lives


In recent months, quite a number of my friend’s loved ones passed away. Many of them asked about a smooth transition to “the other side”, and how the pain of transition could be lessen.

Love is connected with attachment most of the time. The more we loved a thing, the harder for us to let it go. I would like to bring to your attention that this is a limited belief in us. If we put our focus on the numerous years of physical life on Earth as truth and reality, we feel powerless and hopeless. Looking into this not-more-than-100 years of life, from born, to grow, to age, and to die, is merely a hellish experience. Trust that the truth lies within, and life means much more than what it seems to be.

Life is an experience. When you loved someone, you would like to spend 100 of years doing nothing with this person, or 10 years time that both of you talking about life, sharing emotions, and seeing the world together? Memories are the most precious thing in all kinds of relationship, and these feelings live forever within both of you. In the physical level we might be “separated”, but in higher levels we are all connected and all memories and feelings are still recorded. To the ultimate level, we are all one, and we have never be separated at all. Try to lift ourselves from the limited perspective and see the world as all new.

Grieving is part of the letting go process. As I always mention, “e-motion” is “energy in motion”. We have no power to suppress or wash away our emotions. The only choice we have is to let it out, in a vigorous way, or in a gentle manner. If you feel sad, allow yourself to. Prepare a safe space, a quiet location that you can release your pain, feel the pain inside. Ending up in tears is an instant release of the frustration and pain, but at a later stage we should always acknowledge our feelings within and come to an understanding.

These emotional pain also reflects our own inner frustration. We lost someone we loved, and someone who loved us. However, we forgot the person who should love us the most, is always our own self. We project our love to the outer world, which is an action of searching for love instead. Realize this frustration and inner call, and it is a time to nurture and love yourself more.

If you would like to assist the smooth transition of a soul from our physical plain to the higher realm, here’s are some simple guidelines…

  1. Chanting mantra and sending your regards and love to your loved ones. It can be done right before the person passing away, or right after. The mantra I suggest is “White Tara Mantra”. Goddess White Tara is a Buddhist deity for longevity, purification and transcending karma.

    Usually at the time of our death, our karmic debtors will arrive and make us having a painful death. The conscious state of our dying time determine our transitions to the other realms. If we are peaceful, we will transit smoothly into the next life. If we are full of hatred, we lose our way to the light and become earth-bonded spirits. Very rare the case if our mind is fully liberated, we ascend to the higher realms.

    White Tara Mantra can assist the person’s transition by sending light to liberate the karmic debtors, pray for mercy and forgiveness for one’s karma, and bridge a connection of light for the soul.

    This youtube clip is a chant from my favourite artist Imee Ooi:

  2. If you are not into Buddhist or chanting, simply enough, make yourself calm and peaceful. Try your best and stay neutral, and take care of all the family members. Your sadness and pain will create a dark vortex of energy that stir the person’s soul down. That’s why we always see Earth-bonded spirits, and why we need to find religious parties to help the transition.

    In your heart, visualize white light all over the person and send your love and regards. Only in light, the souls can find their way home.


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